Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies in UK - 2019
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Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies in UK - 2019

Every nook and corner of the world is experiencing the intense impact of global warming. The increasing carbon emission has been identified as one of the significant factors adding fuel to it. In this pivotal moment, one of the most reliable and sustainable methods for reducing carbon footprint and generate power is the utilisation of renewable energy resources. Realising the same, the U.K. government is introducing various schemes to provide financial support for renewable energy, thus encouraging wider adoption and technological development. The Renewable Obligation scheme was introduced in U.K. to promote renewable electricity generation for large scale installations, and it rewards renewable output over the lifetime of a project. On the other hand, the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme is designed to support small scale renewable installations up to 5MW. Through FiT, generators are paid a tariff for every unit of electricity they produce, and any electricity not used on site can be sold back into the Grid while receiving extra payment.

Furthermore, with high average wind speeds, the U.K. is well placed to take advantage of wind power and invests in both onshore and offshore wind farms for energy production. Besides, hydroelectric power and state-of-the-art solar power are becoming more common with rapid innovation and advanced technologies.

Understanding the changing times, Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of top renewable energy solution providers in the U.K. for harnessing the power of technology to efficiently utilise renewable energy resources, enable low-cost power generation, and enhance the customer experience. We are glad to feature Surrey-based VerdErg Renewable Energy on our annual list of renewable energy solution providers. The company has designed the Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT), which generates low-head hydropower by exploiting the Venturi effect to concentrate the hydraulic energy of a large, low-head flow into a smaller, high-head secondary flow.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these companies are continually proving its expertise in the field of renewable energy solutions. We hope this issue of Energy CIO Insights will help you build a partnership to migrate to a technologically-driven and sustainable power generation environment.

 We present to you Energy CIO Insights' "Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Providers in U.K.— 2019."

    Top Renewable Energy Solution Companies in UK

  • UK-based Pavegen manufactures and develops flooring tiles; converting from footsteps into renewable electricity. The company supplies both permanent installations and experiential activations, and we power off-grid applications such as games, lighting, and environmental monitoring. Every Pavegen tile consists of three components, an electromagnetic generator, a single triangular composite tile, and the individual whose weight creates the necessary kinetic energy that is converted to electricity. The surface consists of a series of interlocking triangles. As pedestrians walk across the Pavegen system, the weight from their footsteps causes the top surface to move vertically. This compresses the electromagnetic generators and produces two to four-watt seconds of electrical energy per second

  • VerdErg Renewable Energy has designed the Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT), a unique patented technology which exploits the Venturi effect to concentrate the hydraulic energy of a large, low-head flow into a smaller, high-head secondary flow suitable for efficient conversion into electrical energy. VETT's simple, versatile design can function in a range of flow conditions in rivers, marine, and estuarine locations and is scale-able from a few kW to multi-GW installations. VETT is a revolutionary technology which uses proven components interpretable into new and existing infrastructure that produces reliable, low-cost energy



    The next-generation utility, BBOXX, transforms lives and unlocks potential through access to energy. The company has been generating impact by enhancing the customers’ quality of life through the provision of affordable, clean, and reliable energy solutions. BBOXX aims to increase rapidly and provide other modern utility services, such as cooking, internet access, and water. They are continuously searching and realising innovative solutions to offer the best value services to their customers. Its BBOXX Pulse continuously collects data and insights and enables its clients to provide different services to the previously inaccessible populations

  • Capula


    Capula is a chief system integration specialist for automation, control, and operational IT systems throughout every application and industry sector. They have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge on control and automation systems, along with technological changes and industrial standards. The company is dedicated to providing the most advanced and economical solutions to their valued customers. Their independent status suggests that they are free to implement solutions to control the performance of assets to maximum efficiency and reliability. Capula develops solutions that deliver transformative changes for the early adopters of Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Engenera


    Out of a few companies, Engenera is qualified to pre-approve and ring-fence funding and is at an ideal position to assist the customers in removing initial outlay and providing cheaper energy rates. They believe every business needs greener, cost-effective energy, without expensive up-front costs. Engenera guarantees that the companies will have a more financially stable future, which will be sustainable and powered by renewable energy. The company offers an incredible range of options for customers who are looking to be more energy-efficient. The company helps organisations across the world to achieve "being energy-efficient" goal

  • Meteo Group

    Meteo Group

    The global weather authority, MeteoGroup combines fundamental science with advanced technology and local expertise worldwide. The company is trusted by hundreds of government agencies, thousands of companies, and millions of consumers. Their team of expert meteorologists are on hand round-the-clock to deliver the highest-quality analysis and support. The global energy sector has continuously been facing several shifting circumstances. They look after the socio-economic and political factors as well as the ever-increasing demands for sustainability. Energy solutions of MeteoGroup improve trading decisions along with short and long-range generation, transmission, maintenance, and distribution planning

  • Newicon


    As per Newicon, their approach to software design and development focuses on the things that matter, which are insights, interactions, integrations and innovations that make extraordinary things happen for brands, businesses and their customers. They help their customers with software and web development, UX design, and digital marketing for a digital transformation. The renewable energy market has been ambitious, but the company knows that with the right technology can achieve something that can be truly game-changing. Newicon develops the software, including processes that include UX design and prototyping and ensuring that the final product is user-friendly, secure, and powerful

  • Origami Energy

    Origami Energy

    At Origami Energy, they work to make the world’s energy systems more capable, sustainable, and dependable. As the world evolves from traditional centralised generation to more renewable sources, energy systems become more distributed, complex, and uncertain. Origami Energy helps energy companies to capture valuable opportunities that arise from global shifts. The company’s robust technology enables the energy industry to connect, control, and optimise anything that uses stores, and generates power, automatically and in real-time. Origami Energy has continuously helped businesses to shape energy in a way that it fits every requirement of the productive system

  • OVO Energy

    OVO Energy

    With sole intentions to make energy better, OVO Energy was found in 2009. The company brought exceptional service, clear information, and honesty to the industry. It is a fact that the climate crisis is humanity's greatest challenge. The energy used at houses is responsible for 26 per cent of the carbon footprint, so as an energy supplier, the company has got a specific responsibility to help the users fix it. OVO Energy is on a journey along with its members to reach a world where the net carbon emissions will equal to zero, and it will be a zero-carbon living

  • Suncredit Energy

    Suncredit Energy

    Suncredit Energy is an international energy solution development group that got started with photovoltaic technology. Being a turnkey developer, Suncredit Energy sources potential project sites and manages the planning and development process through to shovel ready status - to be financed and built out into operational plants. The company focus on planning, designing, funding, installing and managing the most efficient solar PV power plants worldwide. They design innovative and practical solutions for each project, taking into account specific locations and environments, with strong support from world-leading suppliers who have high capacity and apply best practice standards