Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2019
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Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Renewable energy has taken centre stage in our endeavour to a less carbon-intensive and sustainable energy future. In Europe, the renewable energy industry is witnessing rapid growth bolstered by innovation and technological advancements including data analytics, AI and cloud computing. The sharp cost reduction and affordability are also playing a significant role in popularising the renewables in domestic as well as commercial level. In addition, policy interventions by governments across Europe contribute to the rapid development and deployment of technologies for harnessing renewable energy.

This has paved the way for a number of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions to hit the European market with innovative features for ensuring a sustainable environment. The various renewable projects in the Europe has generated 245.8 TWh of electricity for the first and second quarter of the year 2019 which is 21.3 per cent more than the combined 202.7TWh produced from gas, coal lignite, oil and peat during the same period, as per the report by EnAppSys, a energy data analyst, that analysis market activity across European energy markets.

Understanding the changing times, Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of top 10 renewable energy solution providers in Europe to guide businesses in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s umpteen challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies.

In the wake of these developments in the renewable energy landscape, we are glad to feature Switzerland-based tiko Energy Solutions on our annual list of renewable energy solution providers in Europe. The company is leveraging the perfect balance of specific hardware solutions and operational systems to aid clients in effectively decentralising their energy grids.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these companies are continually proving their expertise in the field of renewable energy solutions. We hope this issue of Energy CIO Insights will help you build a partnership to migrate to a technologically-driven and sustainable power generation environment.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Providers in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Renewable Energy Solution Companies in Europe

  • Switzerland-based tiko Energy Solutions offers ground-breaking energy management solutions to aid energy firms to digitalise and decentralise their energy grids. The company has two core offerings, a unique VPP, and a smart energy management system. tiko’s VPP provides functionalities almost like a conventional power plant and delivers the full-spectrum of leading-edge energy services. At the same time, the company’s smart energy management system allows users to attach millions of energy assets, irrespective of their brand and enables them to and enables them to optimize the storage and distribution capabilities of all their assets

  • Aerocompact


    Aerocompact operates internationally with manufacturing plants and offices in Europe and the United States. It specializes in the production of competitive aerodynamic flat roof systems for photovoltaic modules, including their integration and structural analysis. Its free to use engineering software enables its customers to develop complementary designed layout and ballast calculation in the quoting phase of the project. The company has its headquarters in North Carolina. Its systems are ETL certified to UL 2703 standards, fire-tested, wind-tunnel tester up to 150 mph, and topped with a market-leading 25-year product warranty. It offers unique solutions that are continually updated with state of the art technology

  • BMC Energy Solutions

    BMC Energy Solutions

    BMC Energy Solutions is a strategic consulting firm focused on energy and sustainable solutions. It specializes in renewable energy, energy storage, waste to energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility. The company is well positions to offer banking-investment services in the renewable energy sector. BMC possesses the trajectory and experts most suitable for the expansion of the client’s horizon to optimal status, both in the starting phase of the project and the profit generation phase. It offers counsel to financial and strategic investors in the identification, assessment, purchase, and closing of investment opportunities

  • CJR Renewables

    CJR Renewables

    CJR Renewables is an EOC/BOP integrated service provider for the construction of wind farms and solar PV plants. It operates across various stages of the project implementation process, including design and optimization, civil construction, and electrical installation, transportation, and erection of wind turbines. The flexibility and range of its services empower CJR to respond quickly and positively to demanding challenges and offer turnkey solutions. It possesses almost two decades of expertise in the civil construction sector. Since its inception, the group has experienced robust, sustainable growth and international expansion. CJR has established its presence across four continents and is one of the world’s leading contracting companies

  • EWT


    EWT collaborates with individuals, businesses, and communities of various sizes to become distributed energy champions by helping them transition toward low carbon and sustainable forms of power generation. The award-winning sub-MW wind turbines have enabled new generation locations and repowered existing sites for customers on three continents for more than ten years. Its distributed energy solutions and project development have simplified energy transition for the customers, including energy consumers, producers, and investors. EWT offers excellent operation and maintenance capabilities to owners of its turbines. It has a proven, certified, and high-performing product range for the decentralized wind sector, including robust energy solutions

  • greentec services gmbh

    greentec services gmbh

    Greentec Services specializes in the technical management of photovoltaic power plants. With branches in Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, and Denia, Spain, it delivers its services throughout Europe. It manages a wide range of plants with a peak output of around 70 MWp in eight European countries. Greentec focuses on customer satisfaction and high-quality standards. By consolidating technical knowledge, a robust working environment, and employee motivation, it commands success in the landscape. The company has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, effectively tending to the evolving requirements of its customers. It provides robust technical, commercial, and administrative services to aid renewable energy investment

  • GreenVest Solutions

    GreenVest Solutions

    Greenvest is an energy startup aiming to consolidate artificial intelligence with satellite data and develop optimal renewable energy solutions for regional deployments. It specializes in the analysis and optimization of renewable energy infrastructure deployment. The robust database of satellite data coupled with reliable artificial intelligence empowers Greenvest to develop efficient and specialized tools for its customers and help them meet their needs with real-time precision. The technology platform also provides renewable energy solutions, including hybrid plants in sites with high potential or green plants in developing countries, bolstering their designs with robust information solutions

  • PNE


    PNE Group is a premier developer of onshore and offshore wind farms. The German wind power pioneer operates on a global level, delivering robust clean energy solutions to its clients. Its services encompass all phases of development and operation of wind farms, ranging from initial site exploration and approval of procedure performance to financing and turnkey construction to operation and re-powering at the end of useful life. PNE combines economic success and responsibility for the environment to promote renewable energy. The company aims to expand its portfolio with photovoltaic, electricity storage, and power-to-gas technologies

  • PWRstation


    PWRstation specializes in the design and marketing of solar racking systems. Its unique offerings are based on the proprietary EXOrac racking technology, which is engineered to substantially simplify and accelerate solar installations in the grid and off-grid environments. The solutions deliver unprecedented benefits to users. The solar racking systems offered by PWRstation are a compelling alternative to the traditional fixed flat roof or ground-mounted residential and commercial solar installations. It aims to eliminate the complexities involved in solar installations and facilitate seamless access to affordable solar energy. Its solar genset solutions are designed to address the evolving need for hybrid, micro-grid energy technology and promote the adoption of renewable energy

  • Solarfox


    Soledos leverages its brands Solarfox and Energyfox to make energy tangible and sensitize energy consumption. The innovative company relies on expertise, technology, professional service, and solid solutions. The robust, high-quality products of Solarfox are a basis of its success and enable continual optimization and development of its offerings. Transparency, reliability, high-quality consultation, and professional support are the cornerstones of a successful customer relationship. The focus of Soledos lies in renewable energy and the visualization of its energy data. The Solarfox solutions present the performance and capacity data of photovoltaic systems in the form of appealing diagrams, which can be seamlessly combined with individual content such as logos, advertisements, and images